Monday, June 29, 2009

Training Update 6+/-

...just catching up on the training log here... I skipped a few weeks (with poor records) so I will just start back at the beginning of the month.

Monday J01: AM 0:58 cycling- to the Randolph train station PM 0:30 cycling- from the Amherst train station to Ned & Amy's PM 1:00 running- vampire loop with Ned
Tuesday J02: AM 1:01 running- out and Back on the BLT with Ned 2:15 cycling around the Catskills
Wednesday J03: AM 0:42 running- around Windham, NY with K PM 5:23 cycling- in the Catskills
Thursday J04: AM 2:28 cycling- around Windham, NY PM 1:14 running in Amethyst with K
Friday J05: AM 1:00 running- vampire loop with Ned 2:18 cycling- around Shuts-Lev-Pel-B-towns
Saturday J06: 1:58 cycling- to and around Quabbin Park
Sunday J07: AM 3:50 cycling- ride around the Quabbin with some additional outs and backs- felt good PM 0:34 running- around B-town

Weekly totals:
5:31 running (38% of total)
19:40 cycling (62% of total)

Total: 25:11

Comments: This was a very good week- the first week that I have been happy about in quite some time. If I could manage this volume of cycling with just a little more running (and with a considerable amount of quality thrown in), I think that I could get fit enough to race!?! The best workout of the week was the 5:23 ride that I did on Wednesday

Monday J08: AM 1:02 running- M&M trail north- felt good in my first run on hills and rough surfaces
Tuesday J09: AM 1:00 running- M&M trail north
Wednesday J10: AM 1:03 running- M&M trail north
Thursday J11: AM 0:25 cycling- to UMASS PM 0:35 cycling back from UMASS
Friday J12: PM 1:15 cycling back from UMASS and then up to Leveret PM 0:52 cycling back from Leveret
Saturday J13: 1:00 running- vampire loop with Ned
Sunday J14: AM 3:46 cycling- ride around the Quabbin- felt good

Weekly totals:
4:05 running (37% of total)
6:53 cycling (63% of total)

Total: 10:58

Comments: This was not a good week for running/training. On Friday, I (successfully) defended my dissertation and so the week was spent preparing for and recovering from this once-in-a-lifetime event. The best workout of the week was the ride around the Quabbin. This was the first time that I had done this ride in over two years and it is just fantastic- beautiful, low traffic, nice hills, and a good challenging length.

Monday J15: AM 1:00 running PM 1:01 cycling
Tuesday J16: AM 0:59 running PM 1:00 cycling
Wednesday J17: AM 2:04 cycling up north and then into UMASS PM 0:33 cycling- home from UMASS
Thursday J18: PM 1:07 running- home from UMASS in a pouring (but warm) rain
Friday J19: AM 0:58 running with Ned- road loop in B-town PM 1:57 cycling
Saturday J20: AM 9:46 cycling- from Belchertown, MA to Northfield, VT- my legs felt pretty good throughout for this 150 mile ride and my only complaints were that I left too late in the day and that my pack (15.8 pounds) gave me butt, arm, and hand problems (at least more so than I would have expected without the pack)
Sunday J21: PM 1:02 running- Paine Mountain Loop- my legs actually felt a lot better than I thought that they would considering yesterday's ride.

Weekly totals:
5:06 running (24% of total)
16:21 cycling (76% of total)

Total: 21:27

Comments: This was a lackluster week with one really good day (the long ride).

Monday J22: AM 1:01 running- Paine Mountain Loop- felt good PM 2:30 cycling from Northfield to East MontP
Tuesday J23: AM 1:45 cycling into and back out of MontP PM 0:50 running- around some residential neighborhoods in the dark with pMax
Wednesday J24: PM 0:50 running- around some residential neighborhoods in the dark with pMax
Thursday J25: PM 0:42 running- to the rail-trail in Lawrence, KS, out, and back with pMax- I felt pretty good and the fireflies along the river were the highest density that I have ever seen!
Friday J26: AM 1:02 running- to the rail-trail in Larwence, KS, out, and back- I felt pretty good on for the first 45 minutes (aside from feeling like I was going to melt!) but then my knee began to tighten up and hurt a bit.
Saturday J27: AM 3:00 cycling- from Manitou to Divide (9136') and back with some additional riding in Manitou at the end. I felt pretty good but I was getting a bit light headed toward the top.
Sunday J28: AM 3:04 cycling- west of Manitou on and around Woodland Park PM 0:56 running to and from the store in Manitou

Weekly totals:
5:21 running (38% of total)
8:34 cycling (62% of total)

Total: 13:55

Comments: This was a tough week as I was traveling (almost) across the country (VT to CO). At least, I had a good training partner along (pMax) since the runs were often in less-than-desirable places. The best training day was probably Monday- I felt great for my last run on Paine Mountain in a while and the longer-than-expected bike ride was pretty nice as well. The running highpoint for the week was the run along the rail train in Lawrence- the lightning bugs were amazing! The non-running highlight was, of course getting to see Kelli on Friday night!


  1. See you at Loon this weekend ;)

  2. Not a chance. Have fun, though- that last uphill is one of my favorites.