Sunday, September 20, 2009

Training Update 15

Monday A24: PM 1:02 running- 20 min WU, 3,2,1,3,2,1,3,2,1 hard with 2,1,1,2,1,1,2,1,1, easy- felt really good and knee felt pretty good, a promising run

Tuesday A25: AM 2:20 cycling- first ride on my new ride- a good time PM 0:33 running- out and back along the creek- felt not good

Wednesday A26: PM 1:10 running- Back Campus trails- felt ok

Thursday A27: PM 1:00 running- Back Campus trails- felt hot and slow

Friday A28: AM 1:11 running- Back Campus trails- felt good PM 2:02 cycling- out and back on 39- hammered the return trip

Saturday A29: AM 4:02 cycling- to the Blue Ridge Parkway, North along the parkway, then back- felt pretty good PM 0:54 running- Back Campus trail- knee felt good most of the time

Sunday A30: AM 2:24 cycling- to the Blue Ridge, 1:11 running- out and back on the AT south of the Lynchburg Reservoir- felt good despite the heat PM 1:51 cycling- back to Lex from the Blue Ridge

Weekly Totals:
7:01 running (36% of total)
12:39 cycling (64% of total)
Total: 19:40

Comments: An ok week with good consistency and a good workout on Monday and a good ride on Saturday. A good total for the week (although I really wanted 20 hours). The picture from this week is on the AT just south of the Lynchburg Reservoir (I saw it while out looking (unsuccessfully) for a certain formation of rocks that are no where near this location- I had left my map at home...

Monday A31: PM 1:02 running- Back Campus

Tuesday S01: PM 0:57 cycling- East of Lex

Wednesday S02: AM 2:13 cycling- east of town- had to hammer back in to be back in time for a meeting

Thursday S03: PM 0:52 cycling- east of Lex

Friday S04: AM 1:41 running- out and back on the Chessie Trail

Saturday S05: AM 4:24 cycling- up to the Blue Ridge and north and then back

Sunday S06: AM 1:02 cycling- out toward the Blue Ridge- felt so rough that I just tuned back in BV

Weekly Totals:
4:07 running (40% of total)
7:15 cycling (60% of total)
Total: 12:11

Comments: A rough week with my insomnia really taking a toll on my ability to get in my morning workouts and messing with my quality (when I do not get enough sleep, I seem to lose a lot of my strength…). This week's pic is from the underpass where RT-60 intersects the Blue Ridge Parkway. While I am not responsible for this act of graffiti, I do share the sentiment of its author.

Monday S07: AM 2:28 cycling- out to look at some phantom kimberlites and back felt good but my pedal was messed up PM 0:32 running- around campus

Tuesday S08: AM 0:47 cycling- errands around Lex on the Xootr PM 1:25 running- out and back on the Cassie Trail- felt really good and hammered

Wednesday S09: PM 1:02 running- two laps of the Back Campus Trails

Thursday S10: PM 1:02 running- on the Back Campus Trails

Friday S11: AM 0:59 running- around Back Campus

Saturday S12: AM 1:34 running- out and back on the Cassie Trail- felt ok

Sunday S13: AM 1:00 cycling- on the Xootr- headset is messed up.

Weekly Totals:
5:34 running (61% of total)
4:15 cycling (39% of total)
Total: 10:49

Comments: Even worse than last week with the sleep thing and my new bike broke- the pedal broke (more later when I write a review of how shitty the Crank Brothers MXR pedals are).

Monday S14: PM 0:58 cycling- Went out east of Lex with platform pedals on my new Moto- totally stripped out the crank by the end of the ride and had to walk it in in the final mile or so

Tuesday S15: AM 1:06 running- two laps around the back campus trails- felt pretty good

Wednesday S16: PM 0:59 cycling- around Lex- first day with the new cranks and pedals- got caught in the dark- damn you, fall.

Thursday S17: PM 0:56 cycling East of Lex

Friday S18: AM 0:54 running- Back Campus trails

Saturday S19: AM 4:06 cycling- up to the Blue Ridge and around and around PM 2:08 running- along the AT south to around the Lynchburg Reservoir- felt good

Sunday S20: AM 2:55 running- along the AT north to the top of Long Mountain- felt pretty good (while running pretty slowly) PM 2:10 cycling- back home over the Blue Ridge- felt tired and dehydrated!

Weekly Totals:
7:03 running (44% of total)
9:09 cycling (66% of total)
Total: 16:12

Comments: A bit better than the last two weeks with some really good stuff and the end of the week. Actually, a pretty crappy week except for a phenomenal weekend. My 2:55 run on Sunday was not the greatest but it felt good to get out on single track for almost three hours and my knee did not feel bad at all. This weeks pic is from the top of the Incline on the morning of the BTMR.


  1. Do you remember my old "Doorway to the mind, get rid of insomnia tape?" Perhaps I should dig it up and send it to you. My mind is quiet , my body is calm and sleep is on the way....

  2. Now I do (remember). Did it work? I am about willing to try alternative methods...