Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My apartment featured in Budget Traveler

Recently, Budget Travel Magazine named my current residence of Lexington, Virginia as one of "America's Coolest Small Towns".

No, my luxurious 250 square-foot efficiency apartment is not actually featured in the magazine, but my apartment windows can be seen in the photo used for the article (my windows are on the top floor of the third building down the street above the 'Art' sign). The picture was taken before I moved in- the 'Art' sign is no longer there and, of course, do not own an air conditioner unit.


  1. Now you just need some John Cougar Mellencamp, "small town" song as your theme.

    Hope all is well in VA,


  2. Maija, Cool indeed- the first and quite possibly the last time that a picture of my residence is pictured in a national mag

    Wynn, ...except that this is the biggest town that I have lived in for about 5 years (B-town was smaller and N-field was much smaller). Lex has more than one stoplight, for instance. Plus, we have the most confederate generals per capita of anywhere in the world!