Thursday, July 30, 2009

Training Update 10

Monday J20: AM 4:10 4:10 cycling- Granby to Berthoud pass (11,300') out on the Frasier to Granby Trail, back on 40- felt ok PM 0:32 running- flat Manitou loop following a long drive

Tuesday J21: PM 1:08 cycling- from Manitou to the top of Cheyenne Canon and back to the start of the mountain race PM 1:21 running- on the CMTR course with K

Wednesday J22: AM 2:20 running PM 1:40 cycling- to Bristol Brewing to meet up with a group ride (no one was there) so I rode up Cheyenne Canon and back down and when home

Thursday J23: AM 1:05 running- to Manitou High track, 8*100 meter strides with 100 meters rest, back home PM 1:01 cycling- mountain biking up and down Ute Trail (for the last time)

Friday J24: AM 0:30 running- flat Manitou loop PM 0:33 running- flat Manitou loop with Gute

Saturday J25: AM 0:38 running- with Gute along the river in CoSprings after his master's win in the Classic 10K PM 0:35 running flat Manitou loop with Gute- met up with MattC

Sunday J26: AM 1:42 running- 0:30 warmup; Cheyenne Canon Mountain Race in 54:23; 0:18 cooldown with RyanH PM 2:17 cycling- above Cheyenne Canyon

Weekly totals:
9:16 running (45% of total)
11:16 cycling (55% of total)

Total: 20:32

Comments: An interesting week for sure... It started out with a great road ride to Berthoud Pass and back and then progressed to the point that I decided to run the Cheyenne Canyon Mountain Race at the end of the week. My running during the previous week (up in Granby) had been pretty good and I thought that my knee could handle a mountain race without any (additional) permanent damage. The race did not go very well but I am glad that I did it. It was also good to take a few days easy (before the race) although I am not sure that it helped me very much for the three climbs of the race. A race report will follow shortly.


  1. Nice job at the race Paul. It's good to see you're back at it again. You going to be around for Pikes Peak? I'll be in town for the Ascent.

  2. Kev, I will not be in town- I head back east at the end of the week.