Thursday, July 30, 2009

Training Update 9

Monday J13: AM 1:06 running- up and down Red Mountain with some additional out and back on Intemann trail PM 2:30 cycling- over to and out and back on the New Santa Fe Trail- a good ride aside from the horrible storm in the middle

Tuesday J14: AM 2:44 cycling- up to Divide "summit" and back down- felt rough and slow on the way up but I think that it may have been because I was riding into a strong headwind PM 1:21 running- around the Solvista Resort in Granby, CO- felt terrible at first but after I warmed up, I flet pretty good

Wednesday J15: AM 3:00 cycling around Granby, CO and then to Rocky Mountain National Park and back- felt pretty good but holy s$%# it was cold! PM 1:00 running- with K- slow

Thursday J16: AM 1:34 running- out and back on the Granby-Frasier trail- rolling felt good but my knee felt pretty bad afterword PM 2:18 cycling- out and back on the Frasier to Granby trail

Friday J17: AM 1:24 cycling- from Granby toward Tabernash on 40, around the YMCA of the Rockies, back on the dirt roads behind Sol Vista PM 1:10 running

Saturday J18: AM 1:35 running- on the nationals xc course partially with K PM 1:26 cycling- around Granby and Sol Vista with a good climb at the end- felt pretty good

Sunday J19: AM 1:03 running- up and down one of the Sol Vista Ski hills- felt ok PM 2:51 cycling- 40 to 125 and back- felt good

Weekly totals:
8:49 running (35% of total)
16:13 cycling (65% of total)

Total: 25:02

Comments: ...another very good week with some hilly running and some good cycling in there as well. I managed to get in two workouts every day despite a packed schedule helping K at the USAC National Mountain Biking Championships. We were staying at ~8,000 feet and everything that I did was up from there so that was good. I feel like I am pretty much acclimated to medium altitude. My knee felt OK when I was able to treat it properly (ice and stretch post run) and felt pretty rough on the day that I ran, did not ice, and then sat at a desk for a while. No single workout stands out as being the highlight of the training week but the final ride of the week (out and back on 125) was great- an absolutely beautiful road ride with low traffic and only a little bit of hail.

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