Sunday, March 15, 2009

Training Update 4

Monday M9: PM 180 minutes of snowshoeing on Paine Mountain with pretty bad conditions along the ridge- lots of post holing- did manage to get to Irish Hill

Tuesday M10: AM 120 minutes of elliptical (7.2 "miles" for the first 60 min, 7.05 "miles" for the second) followed immediately by 30 indoor cycling

Wednesday M11: PM 167 minutes of running (20 min WU/2 hours on the treadmill at 12% 9:42/mile 7758'/27 min CD to and from the Shitty Mobile with a heavy pack on the return trip)

Thursday M12: AM 115 minutes running (on roads in the Northfield Mountains) PM 65 minutes elliptical (7.25 "miles" for the first 60 min)

Friday M13: AM 65 minutes elliptical (7.03 "miles" in 60 minutes) followed by 55 minutes indoor cycling PM 95 minutes running (Paine Mountain Ice and snow run- beautiful but cold day)

Saturday M14: AM 123 minutes running (in roads in the Northfield Mountains) PM 87 minutes cycling (to and from Little Shaw's)

Sunday M15: AM 72 minutes running (up and down Turkey Hill Road with some additional outs and backs) PM 92 minutes cycling (to and from Little Shaw's)

Weekly totals:
12:32 running (59% of total)
4:24 cycling (21% of total)
4:10 elliptical (20% of total)

21:06 total

Comments: This week was my spring break and so I had a bit more of a relaxed schedule but it also meant that the university gym that I use quite often this time of year was closed for five of the past nine days. The pool was also closed and this is the reason that I was not in the pool for the week. Luckily, the weather was nice enough that I was able to get out cycling on four of those five days and I made it out for a few sunny but wet and messy rides. The other day, it snowed six inches and so I went out for what will probably be my last snowshoe run of the year. My goal for the week was to get in 21 hours and I managed just that. The week's best workout was Wednesday's treadmill workout; it was a similar workout to last week (two hours at 12% but I made it just a little bit farther (higher) than last week (7758' vs. 7,603'). I was still just shy of the PPA which climbs 7,815'. Next week it is back to class and the Northeastern Section meeting of the Geological Society of America in Portland (ME) which should shake things up a bit...

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