Friday, March 27, 2009

Training Update 5

Monday M16: PM 76 minutes of pool running followed immediately by 60 minutes of elliptical (7.11 "miles")

Tuesday M17: PM 92 running (up and down Turkey Hill Road twice- steady on the way up, easy on the way down- actually saw a bunch of turkeys) followed immediately by 76 minutes pool running

Wednesday M18: AM 97 running (Paine Mountain Ice and snow run) PM 35 elliptical followed immediately by 77 pool running

Thursday M19: AM 69 minutes running (up and down Turkey Hill Road with some additional outs and backs) PM 78 minutes pool running

Friday M20: PM 81 running (up and down Turkey Hill Road with some additional outs and backs) PM 77 minutes pool running

Saturday M21: AM 163 minutes running (Earhart loop- mostly hard frozen roads)

Sunday M22: AM 60 minutes running (laps around Deering Oaks Park in Portland, Maine- flat)

Weekly totals:
9:22 running (54% of total)
1:35 elliptical (9% of total)
6:24 pool running (37% of total)

17:21 total

Comments: This week was my first week back from spring break and I was having difficulty making it out the door for my morning runs. I also had the Northeastern GSA meeting at the end of the week and attending the meeting (and preparing for it) disrupted my training a bit. This was a solid but not a great week. My totals were not where I wanted them but they were not too bad. There were no real workouts but I did get in some good hill running nonetheless. Below is an image of a mural from a pub near the conference in Portland.


  1. Soild week. Was that mural on the side of the Brian Baru irish pub?

  2. Thanks, Kev. ...and yes, it was the Brian Baru pub.