Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekly Training Update 3

Monday M2: PM 76 minutes pool running followed immediately by 72 minutes (run up Dole Hill road with cemetery out and back and down on the snowmobile trail- new snow and treacherous ice)

Tuesday M2: AM 98 minutes running (run up the snowmobile trail and down Dole Hill Road with snowmobile trail out and back and cemetery out and back) PM 77 minutes pool running

Wednesday M3: PM 76 minutes of pool running followed immediately by 44 running (run to and from Grand Union- heave pack on the return trip)

Thursday M4: 44 minutes indoor cycling followed immediately by 76 minutes of pool running

Friday M5: PM 137 running (7 min WU/2 hours on the treadmill at 12% 10:00/mile 7603'/10 min CD followed immediately by 32 minutes of indoor cycling

Saturday M6: AM 112 running (run on roads in the Northfield Mountains- felt good) PM 82 cycling- nice and easy)

Sunday M7: PM 44 running (Hubbard Park and neighborhoods around MontP with PM) followed immediately by 128 minutes of cycling

Weekly totals:
8:27 running (46% of total)
4:46 cycling (26% of total)
5:05 pool running (28% of total)

18:18 total

Comments: ...probably a step down from the last two weeks in terms of volume (similar total time but a soft total with more cycling). A decent week none the less with lots of late nights spent working on a new lab meant that I slept in four out of five weekday morning workouts. I have got to stop that! This week had a few firsts for the year. Friday, I did my first treadmill workout of the year, Saturday, I did my first outdoor bike ride of 2009, and Sunday, I did my first run of 2009 with another human. It was great to be out riding in early March and I got two days of riding in. The highs a predicted to be in the 30s for the next week and so this may be the last riding that I do for a while. Oh well. The week's best workout was definitely Friday's treadmill workout; admittedly, it is difficult for me to convince myself that 10:00 pace sound impressive but I did manage to climb 7,603 feet (as a comparison, the PPA climbs 7,815'). Next week is spring break- this means that I will try to get my total up for the week and it also means that the pool is closed (smile).


  1. For me a closed pool means crankyness. And biking time isn't soft! Although I suppose 4 hours biking probably not comparable to 4 hours running in terms of the toll it takes on the body.

  2. Good week Paul. Are you looking to get that kind of treadmill run to around the 9min/per range?

  3. Maija,
    If the pool is open, I feel compelled to get in. Having the pool closed means that I do not have to pool run (I kinda need a break anyway). You hit the nail on the head with both of your comments about "soft" bike time. That is exactly what I meant.

    I will probably never get this particular run that fast. This is just go out and run 12% at a pace that I can manage comfortably for two hours. The purpose is to get me ready for higher intensity (and shorter) workouts in the future. I do not want to step on the treadmill for the first time and start hammering without some time spent at 10%+.