Friday, March 6, 2009

Weekly Training Update 2

Monday F23: PM 60 minutes of indoor cycling followed immediately by 76 minutes of pool running

Tuesday F24: PM 76 minutes of pool running followed immediately by 63 minutes of running (up Dole Hill road with cemetery out and back and down on the snowmobile trail)

Wednesday F25: AM 96 minutes of running (up the snowmobile trail and down Dole Hill Road with snowmobile trail out and back and loop through town) PM 76 minutes of pool running followed immediately by 34 minutes of running (to and from the Grand Union with a heavy pack on the return trip)

Thursday F26: PM 60 minutes elliptical (6.9 "miles" in 60 minutes) immediately followed by 37 minutes of indoor cycling immediately followed by 78 minutes of pool running

Friday F27: AM 66 minutes elliptical (7.2 "miles" in 60 minutes) PM 91 minutes of running (from Northfield to MontP with a medium-weight pack)

Saturday F28: AM 93 minutes of running (from MontP to Northfield with a medium-weight pack)

Sunday M1: AM 174 minutes of snowshoeing (on Paine Mountain with plenty of breaking trail faster conditions than last week- got to Irish Hill)

Weekly totals:
9:11 running (51% of total)
1:37 indoor cycling (9% of total)
2:06 elliptical (12% of total)
5:06 pool running (28% of total)

18:00 total

Comments: Another pretty good week with a good combination of running and x-training. The highlight workout of the week was definitely Sunday's snowshoeing expedition of almost three hours. The conditions were not as good as last weekend (we had a slight mid-week thaw) but the the snow is still pretty deep with over three feet on the ridges in some places.


  1. Solid week Paul. I see that you made a trip to the Vermont institution known as the Grand Union. Grocery stores don't get much sketchier than that.

  2. It's nice to see your running totals getting up there. I still can't believe the length of the pool runs.

  3. Kev- Affectionately known as 'gouge union'... it's really bad. When the roads and temperature are appropriate for cycling I head to Shaws for food but that's a 50-min ride one way. During the winter, GU is the only option. Seriously, it's like eastern Europe.

    Maijaleena- The pool runs are pretty tough. I will probably do a post in a while listing my x-training methods in decreasing order of pleasantness. At least the pool is closed for spring break.

  4. great week paul. Look forward to the list of top deceitful x-training methods. When I was injured for the winter last year I rated the following from worst being number one...
    1. 2-2+ hours of elliptical. Something about starting another hour after doing one already that just makes one nauseous.
    2. swimming: fun in the summer on spring-fed lakes, but not chlorinated pool in the winter.
    3. cycling

    It looks like you have found a way to mix it up well though and not find yourself doing the "madhouse promenade" around the pool and such. The running is definitely getting stronger each week for you.