Sunday, June 6, 2010

Last couple of week's training

Monday, May 3rd: PM 1:50 ride with Elliot
Tuesday, May 4th: PM 2:13 ride- North Mountain from the Side
Wednesday, May 5th AM 1:30 cycling- easy, spent all day in the river with EFM class with lots of swimming and wetsuit work PM 1:00 cycling- easy (tired)
Thursday, May 6th AM 1:00 elliptical, 5km rowing- wanted to do more but my arms were wrecked from swimming all day on Wednesday PM 2:10 cycling- up and down North Mountain
Friday, May 7th AM 0:10 core, 10km rowing erg in 43:XX, 0:20 elliptical PM 0:15 cycling
Saturday, May 8th AM 1:05 cycling- easy PM 0:32 cycling- easy, 0:10 core
Sunday, May 9th AM Tomatohead Omnium... 1:30 wu/1 mile TT/20 min cd/0:50 wu/0:40 crit/0:49 cd = 3:20 cycling

Monday, May 10th PM 2:00 easy ride
Tuesday, May 11th AM 2:11 ride cold and raining PM 10km row in 40:34 (fastest time in a while)
Wednesday, May 12th AM 1:55 ride PM 1:23 ride
Thursday, May 13th AM 1:15 elliptical & 0:45 row PM 2:12 ride
Friday, May 14th AM 0:45 row (10km in 42:49) 0:30 elliptical PM 1:50 0:10 core
Saturday, May 15th 6:50 ride- South River to Vesuvius north on BRPW to Shenandoah National Park back on Irish Creek
Sunday May 16th AM 4:04 South River to Vesuvius to Robinson Gap

Monday, May 17th AM 0:45 elliptical & 0:45 row (10km in 42:46) PM 1:00 indoor cycling 0:10 core
Tuesday, May 18th 2:36 North Mountain- muddy and soft PM 0:45 row (10km in 41:24)
Wednesday, May 19th AM 1:26 ride with Elliot 0:15 core PM 1:00 elliptical (8.7 miles) & 0:30 row
Thursday, May 20th 1:47- 1 hour on own, 0:47 with Elliot - high rpm drills PM 0:45 row (10km in 39:49)
Friday, May 21st AM 0:21 ride back from dropping off the van PM 3:30 ride on North Mountain (I was really tired and slow)
Saturday, May 22nd: 3:34 ride somewhere...
Sunday, May 23rd: 4:46 ride out to Devils Marble Yard and back on the BRPW & Robinson Gap

Monday, May 24th: 0:10 core 3:11 out South River, up Vesuvius, back Irish Creek PM 0:60 rowing
Tuesday, May 25th: 3:12 out South River, up Vesuvius, back Irish Creek PM 0:30 row
Wednesday, May 26th: AM 0:60 row & 0:45 elliptical PM 1:00 ride
Thursday, May 27th: AM 0:45 row & 0:40 elliptical PM 2:04 with Elliot
Friday, May 28th: AM 0:35 cycling easy 0:10 core PM 0:30 cycling easy
Saturday, May 29th: AM 0:30/1:51 Tour of Tucker County/0:35 cd PM 0:15 core
Sunday, May 30th: AM 2:35 easy ride 0:15 core

Monday, May 31st: AM 2:18 ride out Forge back on Plank with add on (briefly lost) 0:10 core (field work all day)
Tuesday, June 1st: AM 2:09 Big Hill Turkey Hill 0:10 core (field work all day) PM 0:49 ride out 60 back on Furrs Mill
Wednesday, June 2nd: AM 2:10 Big Hill Turkey Hill 0:10 core (field work all day)
Thursday, June 3rd: AM 2:04 ride out Forge back on Plank with add on 0:10 core PM: 14km row in 1:00:39 (field work all day)
Friday, June 4th: 4:11 ride to Holcomb Rock and back 10 min core
Saturday, June 5th: AM 4:16 ride to Holcomb Rock and back 0:10 core PM 0:35 ride- Turkey Hill PM 0:30 ride- back
Sunday, June 6th: AM 4:00 ride to Holcomb Rock and back

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