Sunday, June 6, 2010

A brief report on racing so far in 2010

Here is what I have been up to on the racing front for the first 1/2 of 2010.

April 10th: Rock Hill Omnium Road Race: I won the Cat 4/5 35+ road race on a solo breakaway from about 20 miles out in my first ever mass-start race... On my Moto... Results

April 11th: Rock Hill Omnium Criterium: On the following day, I lead for five of the last six laps before finishing 16th (again in the cat 3/4 35+) crit. Results

May 1st: Wintergreen Ascent: I finished 4th overall at the VA state hillclimb championship in Wintergreen behind some pretty fast dudes. There was a 6-foot long dead eastern diamond back on the course! Results

May 9th: TomatoHead Omnium Time Trial: I was really pumped for this race since I have wanted to do a time trial for a while; unfortunately, the race was a one-mile time trial with 11 turns- two of which were greater than 90 degrees...

May 9th: TomatoHead Omnium Criterium: I rode the masters (30+) crit and got my butt kicked! I think that I not very good at crits...

May 29th: Tour of Tucker County: Fitness/performance-wise I had a great day. 0:26 in, I was in the back of the lead pack and the climbs were feeling really easy when I flatted (front) and had to work really hard to catch up. I caught up on the top of the loop and had a few minutes to rest when I managed to drop my chain (random bump) at the bottom of a short hill. I lost some more time on the big downhill and then dropped my chain again (WTF?). I was far enough behind the lead pack that I blew a turn (the marshals must have assumed that I was in the pro/1/2/3 race and let me start a second lap). I probably went a mile out my way before catching up to some cat 3 riders and figuring out my mistake. I turned around and hit the last climb (7 miles long) hard and it took forever for me to pass anyone. I managed to pass all but the top two riders who were 30 seconds in front of me at the finish line. We were all under the old CR by quite a bit. I am looking forward to two laps at next year's race. Results

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