Thursday, July 15, 2010

Last week's training

Monday 7.5 AM 4:20 Brattons Run backward with 42 extension- felt pretty good

Tuesday 7.6 AM 2:00 ride- out Forge back on Plank PM 0:10 core 14km row in 59:49

Wednesday 7.7 AM 1:09 ride- easy on Traveller PM Roanoke Civic Center Crit Series 0:55 warm-up 40-lap in about 40 minutes, 30 mine cool-down.

Thursday 7.8 AM 2:59 Borden Grant to Vesuvius to Irish Creek- felt great PM 14km row in 59:42 0:10 core

Friday 7.9 AM 1:57 ride- Big Hill but no Turkey Hill felt terrible and bailed PM 14km row in 57:49 (pr) 0:10 core

Saturday 7.10 AM 3:30 ride- felt pretty bad but tried to stay flat

Sunday 7.11 AM PM 4:41 cycling- to BBRPW on 60, south to top of Apple Orchard mountain, back via Petite's gap PM 4:19 cycling- group ride to Augusta county- mostly easy with some drills and sprints (really hot...). 0:10 core

Comments: Finally, a week that I can say was good; granted, no running but still a good week. The Crit on Wednesday was a really good workout as I led for the last half of the race before getting passed in the final straight be two riders. Friday, I had a great row, and Sunday, I got in 9 hours of riding. The photo below is me leading 1st and 2nd in Wednesday's crit (taken by Kristin N. Colonna).


  1. That's a really cool picture!

  2. Yeah, there are some really good ones from this last week as well...