Monday, July 5, 2010

Last week's training

Monday 6.21 AM 14km row in 58:56 0:30 elliptical PM 2:06 ride- variation on out on Forge back on Plank
Tuesday 6.22 AM 3:20 ride out South River, up Vesuvius, Back on BRPW to Irish Gap and back
Wednesday 6.23 AM 14km row in 59:56 0:30 elliptical 0:10 core
Thursday 6.24 AM 2:14 ride- valley and ridge
Friday 6.25 AM 14km row in 58:xx (really fast but I can't remember exactly) 0:30 elliptical 0:10 core PM 1:10 ride- valley and ridge
Saturday 6.26 AM 0:30 ride- travel day- this is all the time that I had in the AM (got up late)
Sunday 6.27 AM 3:22 ride circum-Quabbin- felt really good and hammered

Comments: Not a great week for cycling with only 12:42 total. I did get in a really good ride around the Quabbin, though... I am coming along on the rowing, though with three hours this week and two of my fastest 14km times thus far. 1:30 elliptical made for 17:12 total for the week. Below is a picture of me taken by Steele Burrow of Burrow Imagery during a foggy hill workout this spring.

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