Sunday, July 18, 2010

Last week's training

Monday J12 AM 0:45 row (felt terrible) 1:05 elliptical (felt ok) all day in the field PM 0:10 core and 0:15 cycling

Tuesday J13 AM 4:15 ride to and from Holcomb Rock- easy

Wednesday J14 AM 0:59 easy ride PM 1:10 warm up (race delayed because of the combination of the earlier (4/5) and later (1/2/3) races) / 45 laps in 45 min??? 1:20 cool down (sorry, Dave) around downtown Roanoke and up and down the Greenway...

Thursday J15 AM 2:30 ride- Bratton's Run backward with an add-on in VMI- felt ok but tried not to push it so that I could recover from yesterday and get in some quality this weekend PM 714km row in 59:42

Friday J16 AM 14km row in 59:57 1:00 elliptical PM 2:30 ride- North Mountain from the side- rode at 3:00 pm = really hot!

Saturday J17 AM 7:55 ride to WV border and back- felt pretty rough around 3 hours in and much better in the second half...

Sunday J18 AM 4:10 ride- Vesuvius and the BRPW- felt tired....

Comments: First off, Wednesday's crit went really well. I got off to a really poor start due to some difficulty with getting clipped in but after that, I moved up pretty quickly and took the lead with 35 laps to go for a 45-lap race. I got out-sprinted for the preem but my corners were much, much better than last week and I managed to drop all but one rider instead of all but two riders... Saturday was a great ride to and from the WV border- this is only my third border crossing (MA to NH and NH to VT being the other two) and it started with a bear in the road just south of Goshen! I also saw a copperhead as roadkill... Overall for the week, I had 25:49 of cycling, 2:45 rowing, and 2:05 elliptical with 30:39 total. Not bad. Below is pic from Wednesday's crit with eventual first-place finisher, Gordon Wadsworth behind me. Photo was taken by Team Traveller's Dave Cobb.

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