Saturday, July 17, 2010

Random Thoughs

Some random thoughts from the past few days...

1. I think that Annalisa is currently running more than anyone else in our immediate family (who would have seen that coming a few years back?)

2. I saw my second bear in two weeks this morning and I have heard stories from four other people who have spotted bears in Rockbridge County in the past few weeks. Awesome!

3. Nothing says, "screw you for leaving me off of the TdF team again" like this.

4. My favorite race is going off at 7:00am tomorrow (Sunday) morning. I am anxious to see if Matt C can make it up and down for the win one more year against Rickey G. I think that Rickey will run well at The Barr (based on past performances at "similar" races) but anyone who bets against Matt on his home course has just not been paying attention. Nevertheless, I expect a battle royal...

5. I got upgraded from Cat 5 to Cat 4 this week for road cycling by USA Cycling. For those of you who are not familiar with the category system, this means that I have graduated from "beginner" to the JV of the JV of the JV of the JV of the sport.

6. I rode from Lex to the WV state line this morning; now, I am tired...

7. I have a race (or a series of races) coming up next weekend. Saturday morning starts out with a crit (boo) and Saturday evening, I will do my first real (not uphill) time trial. Sunday morning, there is a road race with an uphill finish (yeah).

8. I forget what eight is for...


  1. I'm betting you move up to Cat 3 pretty quick too.

    I never would have guessed Lisa would have been running the most in the the family, but it would be stranger if it were Mom.

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